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Beverly Houston is available for interviews. Please call her at 800-511-4500 or 214-280-9836 or email her at service@texolamusic.com. The following items are available for download:

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Christmas songs played by Ron Nethercutt

  • 12/06- Red River Public Radio host Kate Archer interviews Beverly Houston, Producer of Greater Than That and plays a variety of festive Christmas holiday songs from the CD: blues, roots, Americana, and rock-a-billy.
  • 12/03/2006- Manila. Ron Nethercutt broadcasts the entire Greater Than That Texas Christmas songs CD in radio shows. Nethercutt, who is a trombonist and jazz clinician on an international scale, says “It was nice that the Christmas song lyrics were printed; I read the text first before playing the cuts in order that folks might savor the holiday story.”
  • 12/06- Stardust, the military channel, will feature Texas Christmas songs from Greater Than That on the “United We Roll World Tour Show” as they interview songwriters, Ann Cornelius and Mary Dawson. The holiday song, “Another Christmas with You,” and others really struck a chord with host, Judie Burns. Two other Christmas songs from the CD, which were inspired by the writers missing loved ones fighting overseas- “Long Distance Christmas” and “I’m Going to Love Christmas” will also be featured.
  • Christmas Songs on Johnny Timewarp show

  • 11/26/ 2006- Two songs from the Greater Than That Christmas songs CD were featured on Johnny Timewarp’s show, "Dark Side of the Highway," in New Britain, Connecticut. It was some of the eclectic CD’s first airplay on an out of state station. The show airs Sundays from 2- 4 PM on the 36 watt powerhouse, WFCS 107.7 FM New Britain-Hartford and on the internet at www.wfcsradio.com. Johnny played "Christmas at Neiman Marcus" and "My Top Ten".
  • 11/16/06- Best In Texas - "Lantana Crashing the Party" Music Morsels: Since Lantana is made up of three women playing country influenced music comparisons to the Dixie Chicks may be inevitable. This trio has their own distinct sound however, with a bluesy soul in the Bonnie Raitt direction melding with traditional country reminiscent of the grand old ladies. Their harmonies are lush, sweet and poignant, augmenting the honest lyrics. A fresh force to watch out for. - Mark E. Waterbury
  • 11/13/06- Beverly Houston is a guest on the popular morning drive show, "Mornings with Scott and Lorri", that airs on FamilyNet-Sirius. The topic is her Texas Christmas CD, Greater Than That, which is full of all styles of holiday music, including blues, roots, Americana, and rock-a-billy. View the summary or listen to the podcast.
  • 11/10/06- The annual Galleria Ice Skating Christmas Extravaganza in Dallas reveals it will feature a number skated to "Christmastime in Texas" on December 23, 2006. This Christmas song is one on Texola Music's Greater Than That Christmas songs CD.
  • 11/8/06- The Victoria International Foundation announces it will present a Christmas music review that will include "Elvis Has Been Sighted at the North Pole", "Greater Than That" and "My Favorite Christmas Story," three Christmas songs from Texola Music's Greater Than That Christmas songs CD.
  • 111/01/06- Lantana – First Female Group To Hit Texas Music Chart Top 10 In Years ----Trio Draws National Attention
  • 10/06- Review from Bernard Boyat, Critic from Cri Du Coyote, France. Christmas will be here soon...and festive music as well. In addition to the inevitable albums. Why not let your ears rejoice with this compilation? There are some little pearls like "Elvis Has Been Sighted at the North Pole," a good country rock by Joe Auenson; "Silent Night Without You," a '60s medium ballad by Jeanie Perkins; "Christmastime in Texas," Western Swing by Sonny Burgess and Lantana; "Red Christmas," light swing by Jeanie Perkins; and "My Favorite Christmas Story" by Warren Storm, a variety ballad.”
  • 10/12/2006- From the Dallas Morning News review RAZOR-SHARP: ‘Sweeney Todd’ Simply Thrills by Lawson Taitte. “This production, the only public performance of which is tonight, has one extra special asset, Julie Johnson as its anti-heroine, Mrs. Lovett. Actresses playing Mrs. Lovett have occasionally equaled Ms. Johnson in sly humor. I doubt that any of them, though, has ever had as rich or as free a vocal sound. Phrase after phrase echoes in the sumptuous Meyerson acoustics with a richness that just sneaks up on you. Accompanied by a full orchestra such as this one, Sweeney Todd calls to mind classical pieces from Carmina Burana to Wozzeck. A mere American musical comedy isn't supposed to be this intricate or this powerful. But this one is.”
  • 10/9/06- Feature writer Jane Bokun of The Shreveport Times writes a feature article on Greater Than That Christmas music CD and executive producer, Beverly Houston. The headline states the "CD offers new sounds for the holiday season". Bokun goes on to say "poignant and bluesy tunes such as "Holiday Love" and "Give Myself Away" set the tone for a unique, yet unforgettable holiday album." Read the article.